Jonathan (dieselraver) wrote in bardrinks,

Spiked Egg Nog

So I just made some awesome Egg Nog, its got......
for 2 servings

2 Cups of egg nog (about 32 ounces)
2 shots of bailys irish cream
2 shots of puertorican rum
fresh grated nutmeg and fresh grated cinnamon
1 shot of irish whiskey

its awesome! hell you can even serve it warm and its delicious

i also have a spiked hot chocolate recipe its....

for 2 servings
Hot chocolate powder mix (2 packets)
substitute whole milk instead of water or if you like using water, add half and half
2 ounces of Bailys Irish Cream
or 2 ounces of Harveys Bristol Cream
4 shots of Godiva Chocolate either one
a shot of Peppermint schnapps
fresh whipped cream on top and garnish with jet-puffed mini marshmellows :) enjoy!
you can also serve with a candy cane stick/stirring rod :)
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