Maria (mariam11) wrote in bardrinks,

Flaming Pumpkin Shots!!!

These are oh-so-yummy! They really taste like pumpkin pie and are of course, fun to drink because they're on fire.

In a shot glass;

1 part Kahlua
1 part Bailey's
a splash of Goldschlaugger
sprinkle of cinnamon
Light on fire then sprinkle more cinnamon over top (This does get messy)
Blow out and drink.
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Just a note, you can't burn something under 100 proof - it's a known fact. If you use Firewater floated on top, you can probably light it.
That's why you sprinkle cinnamon on first, the cinnamon is flamable. They do light, I've done it about 5 hundred times.
That's what I thought, but... I have backseat readers who told me that you can't light anything less then 100proof. It does sound nummy :)
thats not true, ive lit absolut vodka on fire and it burns fine :) not as much as 101 bananas but hey! it still has its affect!