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Favorite drinks

Hello! I found this community through the cooking community. I enjoy a few drinks every now and again, and these are a few that I have nearly every time.

Toasted Almond (equal parts Frangelico and dark creme de cacao, fill with cream/half&half)
Pink Squirrel (Creme de Noyaux, clear creme de cacao, fill with cream/halfn'half)
California Lemonade
Magarita on the rocks

As far as shots go I really like Kamikazes, Buttery nipples, and M&M's.

I'm always interested in trying new drinks, and I have quite a few bar/drink books with lots of recipes. But it's always better (at least I think) to get a recommendation from someone who has actually tried the drink.
I look forward to learning new drinks!
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